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Artwork & Other Services

Custom Designs Made to Order

Let our state of the art laser or water jet department take care of your custom orders.

Our Laser Department allows you to have designs that are two or more colors created as one application. Ask us to quote your order today. Please submit your artwork for a quote.

Our Water Jet Department produces larger orders with quick turn around times. Please submit your artwork for a quote.

Let our Custom Art Department help design or make your files ready for cutting.

To place an order or request a quote please include the following information:

1: Your Area Code and Phone
2: Shipping Address
3: Billing Address
4: Method of Shipment
5: Merchandise Desired
6: Style 
7: Material 
8: Size
9: Quantity
10: Color(s)

We cannot be held responsible for errors on phone orders. To ensure accuracy, we recommend written purchase orders or written confirmation whenever possible.

All custom orders require written purchase orders with the artwork.


CorelDRAW 13 (X3) is the program that we use for our production. Later Corel versions can be saved as Corel 9. We can accept a variety of file formats that can be imported to the program.

  • Preferred formats include: COREL, ILLUSTRATOR, EPS, AI, PDF, TIFF, or JPEG.
  • When creating these file formats, please use the oldest versions of the program format if possible.
  • Please call to request any information or help with file conversion.
  • Complex artwork may have additional charges.
  • $10.00 will be charged for each new order for proofs and cut conversion.
  • Remember to convert all fonts to curves or outlines before converting to the file format.
  • Please include a printed copy to size and indicate exact dimensions. We will then compare your files to the printed samples to ensure accuracy.
  • Production will not begin until we have a signed fax or email verification.


The unauthorized copying of trademarks and copyrighted material is illegal and may even be criminal. If a concern arises, it is Twill USA’s policy to request proof that a customer is licensed or otherwise authorized to have the artwork reproduced. Twill USA accepts no liability for any unauthorized use of such material.

Twill USA reserves the right to refuse to cut and/or design a customer’s order or parts of an order which are determined to be offensive or which may allegedly be in violation of any legal statute.

Custom Cuts

For quotes contact our customer service department at or 1-866-806-9120.

Please email all vector art to our custom Art Department at

For basic layouts you can fax the information to 888.926.0634

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