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Tackle Twill is a generic name for the fabric lettering used to decorate athletic jerseys. Originally used for football, it is a very tough, durable material now used on all sports and cheerleading uniforms. Our registered version of it is called Sports Twill, which is an ideal fabric for creating logos and numbers for jerseys. In its uncoated state, it is somewhat flimsy and tends to fray when cut. For this reason, we offer adhesive-backed versions which include stabilizers so that it's easier to cut and handle. Our adhesive-backed versions are called Polyback, Pressure Sensitive PSA, Permanent and PSA Permanent. Some customers choose the Uncoated Sports Twill because they have their own adhesive systems or sprays, or they want to keep the applique as thin as possible. Here at Twill USA, we use Uncoated Sports Twill as the first step in making Sublimated Tackle Twill and patches. Other popular uses include personalized patches, flags, table cloths, banners and pennants. It can also be used as an applique fabric for those who have an embroidery machine. Why buy from JOANN, Hobby Lobby, Michaels® or other middlemen online when you can purchase direct from the manufacturer? Twill USA has dozens of Heat Transfer Materials in hundreds of colors, warehouses in Nevada and Indiana for fast delivery, plus $10.00 flat-rate shipping on all web orders. Contact our USA-based Customer Service Team at (866) 806-9120 or email Sales@TwillUSA.com with any questions or concerns.