36" Acrylic Sports Felt

Sports Felt is a type of textile fabric made from non-woven Acrylic Felt. The material is very strong and durable, which makes it a favorite for crafting, appliques, and activewear applications including retro-style logos + numbers for throwback jerseys. Popular on sweatshirts and beanies. In its uncoated state, it is somewhat flimsy. For this reason, we offer adhesive-backed versions which include stabilizers so that it’s easier to cut and handle. Our adhesive-backed versions are called Polyback and Pressure Sensitive PSA. Available in 26 colors.

36" Acrylic Felt
PSA, Polyback, Uncoated

16.5" Sports Twill
PSA, Polyback, Permanent, PSA Permanent

16.5" Metallic Twill
PSA, Polyback, Permanent, PSA Permanent