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To improve brand awareness and engage with audiences on social media, sometimes offers promotions or product giveaways on occasion. The only way to stay informed of these promotional giveaways is to join our Facebook Group and/or follow our business page. Promotions in the form of coupon codes change frequently. Valid codes can be used at Checkout to lower the cost of specific products. Current codes are:

* 5OFF50 → $5 OFF $50+ (Usage = 2)
* 15OFF150 → $15 OFF $150+ (Usage = 1)
* FLEX5OFF → $5 OFF $35+ (Flex Film Only)

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HTV Mystery Packs In Stock: Pack of 15 sheets chosen at random. Includes three (3) sheets each of HTV Foil + Flock + Glitter + Sports Film + Flex Film (Stretchable Vinyl). Most sheets are 10" x 12" and approximately 30% larger than the original size. BONUS! Sample of our Permanent HTV Adhesive (PS965), which can be used to coat your own fabrics. NO DUPLICATE COLORS. Orders for this product count towards the Ultimate HTV Giveaway raffle. Simply add your order number as a comment to our post on our Facebook Page to receive your raffle number. Drawings every 100 orders & 1,000 shares!

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Ultimate HTV Giveaway: 1 MORE BUNDLE TO GIVE AWAY. No purchase necessary to win the 1,000th unique share raffle. Those who DO purchase the HTV Mystery Pack earn 1 entry per quantity ordered (ex. 5 Packs = 5 Entries). Raffle every 100th Mystery Pack sold. NOTE: MUST POST ORDER NUMBER TO QUALIFY. $250 value. Bundle is not sold on the website. It can only be won. Giveaway materials include scrap rolls of HTV Foil, Flex Film (Stretchable Vinyl), Pre-Cut HTV Glitter & more!

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HTV Mystery Box Giveaway: No purchase necessary. Like, comment & share our post on Facebook for a chance to win! Raffle every 100th share (ex. 1000 shares = 10 winners). Follow our Facebook page to find out if you've won. Includes rolls of HTV Foil, HTV Glitter and HTV Flex Film (Stretchable Vinyl). $100+ value.

HTV Mystery Box Giveaway Update: The FINAL HTV Mystery Box winner was announced on 4/24/2020. The 11th & FINAL winner received 20 rolls of HTV Vinyl chosen at random and a sample of our Pre-Cut Glitter Designs. An 11th winner means the post on Facebook was shared more than 1,100 times! We appreciate all who've shared our posts on social media. We have more promotions and giveaways in the pipeline, so join our Facebook Group to participate in those future events. has locations in NV & IN. ‘Will Call’ is available from 10a–3p (M–F). Customer Service hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM ET.

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