36″ PSA Sports Felt


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No more glue. No more mess. Simply cut the PSA Sports Felt to the desired shape and size, peel off the Mylar carrier, position it onto the garment and press firmly into place. Perfect for creating retro letters and numbers for throwback jerseys, crafting, and appliques. 100% Acrylic.

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TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Black Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Smoke Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Silver Gray Color Square
Silver Gray
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Baby Blue Color Square
Baby Blue
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt French Blue Color Square
French Blue
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Navy Blue Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Royal Blue Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Dark Royal Color Square
Dark Royal
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Purple Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Evergreen Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Pirate Green Color Square
Pirate Green
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Emerald Green Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Red Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Cardinal Red Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Burgundy Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Pink Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Blush Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Fucshia Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Gold Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Antique Gold Color Square
Antique Gold
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Brown Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Camel Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Orange Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Eggshell Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt Ivory Color Square
TwillUSA Acrylic Felt White Color Square

36″ PSA Sports Felt


Product Temporarily Unavailable
No more glue. No more mess. Simply cut the PSA Sports Felt to the desired shape and size, peel off the Mylar carrier, position it onto the garment and press firmly into place. Perfect for creating retro letters and numbers for throwback jerseys, crafting, and appliques. 100% Acrylic.

Quantity 1–4 Yds 5–9 Yds 10–24 Yds 25–49 Yds 50+ Yds
Price Per Yard $14.25 $13.50 $13.00 $12.50 $12.00
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Product Details

PSA stands for "Pressure Sensitive Adhesive," but it is commonly referred to as peel-and-stick. Our proprietary PSA Sports Felt features a clear Mylar backing and a low tack peel-and-stick adhesive (PS960 PSA) that holds the applique in place for sewing onto garments. Our patented formula prevents broken threads and gummed-up needles due to its needle glide additive. Repositionable; it can be removed as necessary to get the perfect alignment for applique embroidery. Great for 2-color layer applications and kiss cutting. Must be sewn to prevent fraying and for the permanency of the design to withstand several wash cycles. In its uncoated state, it is somewhat flimsy. For this reason, we offer adhesive-backed versions which include stabilizers like PSA so that it's easier to cut and handle. NOTE: PSA Sports Felt product must be sewn onto the garment. As the manufacturer, we offer Acrylic Felt in more colors than anyone else. Available in 26 colors -- Black, Smoke, Silver Gray, Baby Blue, French Blue, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Royal, Purple, Emerald, Evergreen, Pirate Green, Red, Cardinal Red, Burgundy, Pink, Blush, Fuchsia, Gold, Antique Gold, Camel, Brown, Orange, Eggshell, Ivory and White. Compare that to Stahls’ 10 colors.

We sell more PSA than any other type of adhesive-backed Acrylic Felt, including Polyback, Permanent and PSA Permanent. PSA Sports Felt is our name for 100% Acrylic fabric with a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) adhesive backing, which is commonly referred to as "Sticky Back" or peel-and-stick, and competes against Stahls' Acrylic Felt in the marketplace. Sold in 1 yard increments up to 50 yards -- click to view the Uncoated version of this product.

Why buy from JOANN, Hobby Lobby, Michaels® or other middlemen online when you can purchase direct from the manufacturer? Twill USA has dozens of Heat Transfer Materials in hundreds of colors, warehouses in Nevada and Indiana for fast delivery, plus $10.00 flat-rate shipping on all orders. Contact our USA-based Customer Service Team at (866) 806-9120 or email sales@twillusa.com with any questions or concerns.

Color Chart

(NOTE: Color Chart should not be used for color matching)

(NOTE: Color Chart should not be used for color matching)

Application Info

Application Instructions -- 36" PSA Sports Felt

Recommended for use with the following fabrics: Acrylics, 100% Cotton, Polyester Knits (not Mesh), 100% Polyester, Poly-Cotton Blends, Poly Form, Cotton Caps, Polyester Mesh and Nylon. HINT: Run a lint roller over the transfer area (on the garment) to remove any loose threads or stray fibers.

  • Temperature: 330°F
  • Time: 20 seconds
  • Pressure: Firm
  • Peel: N/A

NOTE: PSA Sports Felt isn't usually heat applied. Just peel and stitch the material.

Established in 1993, Twill USA is a family-owned business with more than 25 years of manufacturing experience and a great team of USA based employees. Our proprietary adhesives are made in the USA and can be paired with virtually any fabric. All of the products displayed on this website are stocked, and orders are processed & shipped within 24 hours’ time — guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is PSA Sports Felt?

A: PSA Sports Felt is a non-woven Acrylic Felt that utilizes a peel-and-stick adhesive coating (PS960 PSA) so that it can be cut easier, layered, re/positioned, heat pressed and sewn. Because PSA Sports Felt is a non-woven material there is minimal fraying (if any), making it much easier to achieve a clean cut. Clean cuts are are critical for embroidery machines that demand a precise edge to put a zigzag or satin stitch on the design.

Q: Is The PSA Sports Felt PVC-Free?

A: Yes. The Acrylic Felt and our proprietary PSA adhesive is 100% free of PVCs.

Q: Can I Layer The PSA Sports Felt?

A: If sewn, it can be layered 2 or 3 layers thick on itself or Sports Twill or other applique material for multicolor designs. If used with Metallic Twill, we DO NOT recommend the Metallic Twill as the bottommost layer (background).

Q: How Is Sports Felt Different From Tackle Twill?

A: Sports Twill is a dense, woven material made from polyester, whereas Sports Felt is a non-woven material made from Acrylic. Felt has a textured, fuzzy look that's popular on sweatshirts, hoodies, beanies and retro jerseys.

Q: Does PSA Sports Felt Have An Adhesive Backing?

A: Yes. The thermal adhesive backing provides stability for cutting and sewing onto garments. Its polyester-based coating has no PVC and can be cut on craft cutters, dies, lasers, Ioline flatbed cutters or even hand-cut. This adhesive system -- (PS960 PSA) -- is available separately for coating materials other than PSA Sports Felt. NOTE: May be too thick for some plotter cutters.

Q: Will The PS960 PSA Adhesive Gum Up My Sewing Needles?

A: Our proprietary hot-melt adhesives feature a needle glide additive designed to sew without gumming. Sharp needles work better than ballpoint needles. HINT: Coating the needle with silicone also helps to promote a clean stitch. All manners of stitching work well, including zig zag, satin, bean, and lockstitch.

Q: Can I Cut PSA Sports Felt On A Tabletop Plotter?

A: Tabletop plotters aren't 36" wide, so the material will need to be cut down first. However, once properly sized, the fabric cuts clean on many desktop cutters including Cricut and Silhouette Cameo. NOTE: May be too thick for some plotter cutters.

Q: What Blade Should I Use To Cut PSA Sports Felt?

A: A 60° blade works best for cutting PSA Sports Felt. On some machines it's called the "thick" blade. Machines vary, but 150 grams of downforce is usually sufficient to get a clean cut.

Q: Do I Have To Sew The Design After Cutting It?

A: Yes. After cutting, the PSA Sports Felt can be heat-pressed onto the garment to hold the design in place while sewing. If you are looking to heat press the garment after sewing, we recommend our PSA Permanent or Permanent Sports Felt instead of the PSA.

Q: How Is PSA Sports Felt Different Than Scrim Felt?

A: Scrim Felt is a coarse, less dense -- albeit heavier and stiffer than Acrylic or Wool -- fabric typically used as a lining or background material. In the apparel world, PSA Sports Felt is used as an applique material. It is a more densely constructed fabric used for finishing garments.

Q: How Is Acrylic Felt Different From Wool Felt?

A: The yarns are different. The Acrylic Felt is a manmade synthetic resin. As such, it washes better and needs no special care like Wool Felt.

Q: How Long Does PSA Sports Felt Last On The Garment?

A: Acrylic Felt is washable. We have tested this material up to 50 wash and dry cycles in a home laundry environment without fraying, cracking or peeling. PSA Sports Felt is sewn down onto garments, so it should last as long as the garment itself.

Q: Can PSA Sports Felt Be Used To Decorate Letterman Jackets?

A: Letterman jackets are typically decored with chenille letters, which are several times thicker than PSA Sports Felt letters. Felt can be used on jackets, but it won't be as thick, which can be an advantage in terms of flexibility. Custom Felt designs are also less expensive, with more color options, and delivered faster than chenille.

Q: Can I Use PSA Sports Felt To Embroider Iron-On Patches?

A: PSA Sports Felt can be used for that purpose, although most patches are made from polyester Sports Twill.

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